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How to start a Real Estate Company

How to start a Real Estate Company

In order to start a Real Estate company, there are a number of starting blocks. Depending on your past success and failures, you might have certain preferences on where to begin due to what you have learned. But you’re here to learn what you don’t know. Right? So, we’ll approach this article this way: We’ll give you the essentials – the goods you will need – and which order you do them in, is up to you.



Legal Company



As you well know, without a website you’re not going to get very far. Can you operate a Real Estate company without a website? Yes. Should you? No. Without a website, you limit the number of people who can find you to referrals and walk-ins. I don’t think anything more needs to be said here, so we’ll move on to getting your website going.

My first bit of advice is, do as much of it as you can on your own – asking for help when you need.

Where on earth do I start to build a Real Estate website??

Websites, very basically, work in 4 layers

  1. At the very beginning, somebody will type in a domain name / url / web address into their browser. Either that or they will find you in Goolge. When they get your site, they will see your design.
  2. On the surface, you have what is called ‘the front end’. This is the face, the part that everybody can see.
  3. Below that, you have ‘the back end’. The place where add properties, articles, pictures – all the content. All of this is managed by a CMS – Content Management system. You need to be logged into this to affect changes.
  4. Below the content management system, you have your hosting account. A company will host your website on one of their computers. These computers are probably in a massive warehouse out in the Arizona desert somewhere. Your website, which is made up of code and a bunch of files, physically sits on one of these computers – much like the files on your computer. When somebody views your site, their computer is connecting to that warehouse in the Arizona desert.

You will have a hosting account with a company. There are many competitors, so be careful. Some lure you in with low prices but hit you later on…Take it from me, I use Dreamhost. They are one of a number of good ones, but I use them because their price is good, no hidden costs, and you can host more than one website at a time – depending on your needs.

And so, the first step is to create a Dreamhost account.

Once you have your Dreamhost account, choose a domain name and buy it. A domain, is also known as your web address e.g. It’s always best to aim for a .com but .net or will also work.

You will need to read the Dreamhost documentation on how to add hosting to the domain name you just bought. That procedure will extend the limits of this article, but if in doubt, request a live chat with Dreamhost. They will help you.

Install WordPress (This is your CMS)


Google rankings

Remember, it can some time to establish trust in any industry. And this usually comes over time.

Once all this is done – you have a beautiful website, properties to sell and potential buyers on your books, you need to focus in on SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which to be more clear is Google optimization. When you search for something in Google, Google takes in a large number of factors and puts what they think will give you the best value, at the top of the search results. Very, very few people venture on to the second page of Google search results and it is therefore vital that you aim to be on page 1.



Your best bet for marketing will most likely be Facebook.




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